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The Indie Game Guide
The Guide has been abandoned, but the prices and websites have been updated of 14/10/2008

A wiki dedicated to helping you to create the games of your dreams and to do it for a living. These pages will not only guide you through every stage of the creation of your game, but also the business side from starting your own company to promoting, marketing and advertising your game as an independent.

Stages of Game Creation

People design games in different ways, some come up with ideas and create a prototype to test the basic idea while others write down every last detail before a single line of code is ever written. You do not have to follow these stages right after another, for some certain stages might be moved abit lower or abit higher due to personally design theory. But when just starting out it is advised you follow things in their general order.

  1. Going Indie
  2. Your game idea and you
  3. Design Document
  4. Solo or Team
  5. Engines
  6. Programming
  7. Graphics
  8. Sound
  9. Music
  10. Beta Testing
Stages of Business

No matter how good your game is, if you do not pay attention to the business side of things and put time into it you run the risk of your game getting lost in the thousands of games released every year. Finding your market, promotion, marketing and advertising is about making sure that doesn't happen.

  1. Starting your own business
  2. Finding a niche/market
  3. Online Community
  4. Website Design
  5. Marketing
  6. Portals
  7. Affiliates
  8. Getting Reviewed

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